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Home Play

Do you want to create all possibilities to make a family? Do you want to deconstruct stereotypes and limited images of family? To play this “Home Play” can make you experience difficulties and possibilities in different families. This is a game to enhance interactions between teacher-students, parents-children and peers. Just play and imagine!

Game for
 2~6 players
 Aged 8 and up
Playing time
 20~80 minutes
 20 architectures
 40 characters
 20 activities
 1 instruction booklet

Copyright: Taiwan Gender Equity Education Association, 2012
Price: NT 999
ISBN 978-986-88987-0-7
Made in Taiwan

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▎This is how this story begins…

There is a special day for children in many countries. During this day, children have a day off or get presents. Nevertheless, some children think that it is quite boring to celebrate children’s day like this. Therefore, children had a congress for all children in the world and found that everybody had such a fantasy: although children like their family, but sometimes they wish they were someone else’ children when they quarrel with their families. If they can become someone else, to live in another family, that would be a great present for children!

Therefore, children reached consent in the congress that all children in the world can become a different person, to stay in another family and experience the new life. What kind of architecture will they stay in, what kind of families will they meet and what kind of life will they live? Everybody cannot stop thinking…


A. 20 architectures (21*29.7cm)

A big architecture card with different kinds of architectures.

There are spaces for characters and activities. The numbers in the triangle in the left-bottom is the points one gets from this big architecture card.

B. 40 characters (6*4.5cm)

[red card & blue card, each for 10 cards] adults

[yellow card and green card, each for 9 cards] children and pets

[rainbow cards, 2] be suitable for any colour and the player can determine which character it is (transgender, animal, ET, spirits…).

C. 20 activities (6*4.5cm)

Activities in daily lives (18 cards)

[sun and moon card, 2] free for the player to imagine all kinds of activities.

Download the instruction manual (PDF)

Translator: Chialing Yang